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Iberian Orca
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Only 35-40 Iberian Orcas remain in the wild in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Maritime traffic, pollution, and conflict with humans threaten their survival.

With a coalition of marine biologists, conservationists, and ocean lovers, we’re tackling the challenges head-on, protecting these majestic creatures and their habitat.


Direct Action for Survival: On Land and Sea

Patrolling the Strait of Gibraltar from land and sea, we track every orca-boat interaction, aiming for safe cohabitation.

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Legal Action: Defending the Voiceless

We’re taking legal action against harmful human behaviors, holding aggressors accountable.

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Research & Educate

Fostering Coexistence

Bridging the gap between humans and orcas through research and education, we foster understanding and coexistence.

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— Help us protect the critically endangered orcas in the Strait of Gibraltar

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Time to act

[Founder Janek Andre]

“We cannot stand by and do nothing while this population is increasingly under threat. The time to act is now.” – Founder Janek Andre​​.