Direct Action for Survival: On Land and Sea

We’re deploying sea-based teams five days a week, patrolling the Strait of Gibraltar, monitoring the orca population, and intervening to prevent harmful interactions with boaters. With strong support by Sea Shepherd France, our efforts aim to ensure the safety and well-being of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Simultaneously, our land-based crews are stationed at strategic points along the coast, keeping a vigilant eye on the orcas and gathering crucial data to better understand their behavior and needs.


Legal Action: Defending the Voiceless

In a landmark move, WeWhale, together with the World Cetacean Alliance and Sea Shepherd France, has taken a stand against violence towards these vulnerable creatures. Following a distressing incident in August 2023, where a recreational boat crew was documented shooting at approaching orcas, we’ve filed charges against the perpetrators.

This case, making its way through the Spanish court system, represents our commitment to holding those who harm the Iberian orca accountable and setting a precedent that such actions will not be tolerated.

Research & Educate

Fostering Coexistence

Building Bridges: We are committed to establishing a harmonious relationship between boaters and the Iberian orcas. By engaging with the local and boating communities, we aim to foster understanding and respect for these magnificent creatures, ensuring safe and peaceful coexistence.

Identifying Patterns: Our dedicated research team meticulously tracks and analyzes interactions between orcas and boats to identify patterns and triggers. This crucial work helps us understand orca behavior in the presence of boats and devise strategies to minimize stressful encounters.

Giving Recommendations: Based on our research findings, we provide actionable recommendations to boaters, local authorities, and conservation bodies. Our guidelines aim to reduce the risk of harmful interactions and protect the orcas while maintaining the integrity of marine activities

Educating All Sides: Education is at the heart of our mission. Through informational campaigns, and collaboration with marine educators, we raise awareness about the Iberian orca’s plight and promote responsible marine stewardship among boaters, tourists, and the local community.

Take Action

— Help us protect the critically endangered orcas in the Strait of Gibraltar

Understand Behavior

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Time to act

[Founder Janek Andre]

“We cannot stand by and do nothing while this population is increasingly under threat. The time to act is now.” – Founder Janek Andre​​.